Friday, July 25, 2008

30 or It's My Birthday and I'll Cry If I Want To

So I turned 30 today. Technically I was born at 6:30, so I am still 29 for a few more hours. I've already decided that for my birthday next year, I am going to Baskin Robbins and having every one of their 31 flavors. I mean, at least a spoonful of each one.

Phoebe has been an absolute angel today (and last night) so I think that is one of the best gifts so far (she did leave a record-breaking poop in her diaper for me to clean up this morning - I'm serious, I almost took a picture).

Geoff has already given me a really pretty necklace, and a thingy to put into my cell phone so I can more easily upload pictures (I have no idea what it's called, but it goes from the cell phone right into the laptop -- because I have NO clue how to use the digital camera so I'm always usin' my cell to take pictures), and a nice bouquet of flowers delivered to the condo! Such a nice bit o' birthday goodness.

Earlier this week (Wednesday) I got gifts from my Grannie and Brandon and Leanne and yes, I already opened them. Geoff and I differ in our opinions on opening gifts. I say it got here early, so I get the benefit of opening it early (afterall - sometimes gifts get to you late .. like the one my mom is promising ...). Geoff is, well, weird. He actually waits until the day of his birthday to open anything he's gotten in the mail from family/friends.

Who on EARTH does that? He's not human, I swear.

The good news is I did bite the bullet yesterday and buy myself some new jeans from Old Navy ... which I now notice are on sale on the website, but I paid full price yesterday ... but then I guess shipping fees and the agony of waiting for their delivery is worth just paying the extra $4.50 in the store.

The really sad news is I will be wearing them to my best friend's mom's funeral services this weekend. Technically tonight is the vigil and tomorrow is the funeral. Her mom had a long battle with cancer and the things Kim has been through I can't even imagine.

If I start to think too much about it right now, I'm going to get sad again so I'm just going to stop now. I plan to stay positive as long as possible until tonight, but I know when I see Kim, I'm probably going to lose it.

On the only (selfishly) positive sidenote, I am happy I get to see my best friend on my 30th birthday.

And she'll finally get to meet Phoebe. I'm hoping Phoebe will bring light into her life tonight as well.

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Leanne Carter-Lewis said...

We've had the conversation where we decided that you are like Brando, and I am like Geoff (I think this was decided when Geoff needed to keep all the boxes of wedding presents in case you need to return them -- which is something I totally do).

Well, *I* wait for my cards/presents until my birthday just like Geoff. I don't know why.

But Brando TEARS into them!!

Also, its funny that you can't wait to open your presents, but you can wait 9 mos to find out the sex of the baby. LOL!