Tuesday, July 22, 2008

For Whom the Poop Tolls

*or, Why I Love Dad, No. 3, but don't want to focus too much on him in this blog post because it's very likely he'll die of embarrassment.

Phoebe's poops tend toward the ... leaky. No matter the way I fold the cloth diaper inside the little cover, every now and then her poops just leak out, just like they did this morning which caused me to do an emergency load of laundry.

My mom told me over the 4th of July weekend that mine were the same way. And she went into excruciating detail in front of my husband about it. Thanks, mom.

Yesterday, however, Phoebe's poops were green. I mean, "army man" green. Like, "What in God's name did I eat to make her poop that color?!?" green.

And see this is odd to me because breastmilk is pretty much white. I mean, it looks like regular cow's milk. So the fact that what I eat can cause changes in her poop is so ... weird! (Note to readers: when the books say not to eat broccoli while breastfeeding, please pay attention ... poor Phoebe had a horrible attack of gas a few weeks ago when mommy tried eating her favorite vegetable ... and that attack of gas happened -- of course -- at 2 a.m.)

I hadn't eaten peas or anything like that, so I just figured it musta been something in the air that day.

When Geoff got home, I told him how odd it was that her poops were green (Yes, readers, look forward to having children and continuing your sexy and engaging conversations with your spouse over wine).

Geoff said, immediately, "Blueberries".

I had made blueberry ice cream on Friday night for the visit from the brothers-in-law. It turned out pretty good. Then Geoff made a blueberry syrup to put on top of the ice cream when we ate it on Sunday night after dinner. So we had a LOT of blueberries on Sunday night, especially blueberries in a semi-pureed form.

I said "Huh, weird. I guess you're right, I mean, that's the only thing 'unusual' I ate yesterday."

And Geoff said "Yeah, and mine was green, too -- wasn't yours?"

Confession: I don't turn on the lights when I go to the bathroom. I mean, there's enough ambient light from the windows and whatnot and then the fan noise makes me think I hear Phoebe crying so I just do my thing in semidarkness.

So I told him "I'm not really sure, but it could have been."

Geoff said "Yeah, that must have been it. I almost Googled it today at work."

Back off, ladies. He's all mine.

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Annie said...

So glad to hear Mike and I aren't the only ones that are so open with each other about these things! LOL!