Friday, July 25, 2008

I Spy

**Or "Yes, I Really Am That Pathetic"

Happiness is logging onto Friendster and seeing allllll the people who have looked at my profile.

Double bonus: Included in the list of people who have looked at my profile are ex boyfriends and girls they've dated.

Triple kitty bonus: The pictures on that page are from 2005 (just like Friendster) in which I look tan and totally muscley because that was the peak of my physical fitness (and during my EuroTan phase).

I couldn't ask for more on my birthday. I mean, really.

**and, yes, that is one of the pictures from my Friendster profile and was taken approximately 3 years ago


Candice Lynn said...

I'm sure you look great, but I was going to be REALLY impressed if that was a recent picture! Happy birthday and thanks for the movie recommendations.

Meghan said...

There's about 185 good reasons I'm not posting current pictures of myself on this blog.

:shoots self: