Monday, July 21, 2008

I Would Walk 500 Miles

My 30th birthday is coming up this Friday. And while I normally LOVE my birthday and think it should be a national holiday (hell-o! Christmas in July, anyone?) this time around I'm feeling very "meh" about it.

Geoff has been pestering me about what I want to do for my birthday (knowing that normally I LOVE the treatment on my birthday - pedicure, trip to Sephora, champagne and that's just in the morning!) and I honestly don't know what I want to do. I know I don't want to get a babysitter, so that limits our options. I know that my bestest girlfriend might not be available that night to go to dinner with us. And I know that it's very possible Phoebe will have her once-in-a-blue-moon "off" day and I will be exhausted and not able to shower, brush my teeth or get dressed that day ... and even if I do manage to shower and get dressed, it's not like I have a fabulous new PERFECT outfit to wear (like I have for every other birthday).

Which leads me to my current issue ...

My child is going to be 5 weeks old tomorrow and I'm still wearing maternity pants. Don't get me wrong -- many times during my pregnancy, I told people I would wear maternity pants forever because they are SO comfortable. They are! But since my stomach (thankyoujesus) has gotten back to flat, I feel somewhat foolish wearing the maternity pants still.

The problem? My other pants don't fit.

The other problem? Because I'm breastfeeding, I need to make sure there's boob access (so I can't wear any of my fabulous dresses) and my old shirts that I LOVE aren't long enough to cover up the fact that I'm still wearing maternity pants and/or they're too tight in the ol' chest area.

So I gained 50 lbs while pregnant. I'm almost 6 feet tall so I can handle it a little better than most people, I think. And I already lost 30 lbs of it, pretty much immediately. And if I wasn't breastfeeding I'd have no issue starving myself thin by Friday. Hello, I'm a woman and I experienced 37 hours of labor and a completely natural childbirth -- I can lose 20 lbs in 5 days if necessary.

I have so many awesome dresses I bought last summer, too. (Dear J. Crew: Please stop sending me "SALE" announcement emails as I do not intend to make ANY new clothing purchases until I am back in a size 6. Love, Meghan)

So what's a former personal trainer who hates cardio supposed to do to lose weight with no gym membership and who is supposed to be eating around the clock to make sure there's enough nutrients for 2?

I guess I could take Phoebe for a walk or something.

Ever since we got the stroller, I have been intending to take Phoebe for a walk around Atascadero Lake. Sadly, it's been about 500 degrees and muggy and/or smokey outside so I haven't really wanted to go outside the house.

Today was a nice day.

The baby was in a pretty good mood.

I figured, what the hell?

I am happy to report I took Phoebe around the lake TWICE (a first in this family, as Lola is usually satisfied with one trip around AND I just looked it up and one trip around is approximately 2 miles -- GO mommy!). It felt good to get moving and I could feel all those bowls of ice cream melting away ... Hey - I had really bad acid reflux and it was the only thing that helped! I'm serious!

And I came home and had a big bowl of pasta (thank you, Annie for the sauce AND recipe!).

I figure I earned it since I didn't get to eat lunch until 2 o'clock.

So I'm hoping that by Friday I will at least feel good enough about myself to go out in public (hopefully sushi!) to celebrate my turning 30.

If not, we can always stay home and enjoy homemade ice cream, our new favorite beer in the whole wide world and possibly even order pizza.

*Note to readers: I think I look okay, I just wish all my awesome clothes (that I haven't been able to wear since October) fit. The problem with having an over-inflated ego is a complete lack of perception when it comes to body-image. So I'm 20 lbs overweight (and 40 lbs heavier than I was when I was a personal trainer when I met Geoff 3 years ago and probably underweight). My boobs are amazing and I have a flat stomach, what's the problem?

If you're wondering what to buy me for my birthday:

1. Sephora gift cards (mommy can't afford her Daily Face Peels anymore)
2. Target gift cards
3. Please see Nos. 1 and 2
4. Gym membership (for me and Geoff -- if I'm going, he's going)

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Annie said...

Just get some of these! I love a quick fix :)