Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Married Again ... At Last!

This morning when I weighed myself (post-bathroom, pre-drinking any water, pre-shower and completely naked) I had gone down quite a bit since a few days ago! That walk I went on yesterday must have actually helped.

So I decided to -- once again -- try putting on my wedding and engagement rings. My wedding ring was my great-great-grandmother Dessa Olive Taylor Willoughby's ring. I love this ring. I make mention of this for 2 reasons:

1. I'm the first person in the family who can wear the ring because of my teeny birdbones, which means the ring is pretty small.

2. I desperately wanted Phoebe to be named Phoebe Olive, but was shot down time after time after time by Geoff. No big deal! Just a family name and all! Okay, Elaine is also a family name, but since I wear Dessa Olive's wedding ring, I figured, well, you know ...

The wedding ring -- even though it's the same size as the engagement ring -- fits me the best. The shape must have conformed to my finger or something (even though I only got to wear it for a few months before I had to take it off or risk losing my finger entirely).

And since wedding rings go on the finger "first", I tried that one first. And it went down. Not as easily as, say, Ovaltine in a glass of whole milk (yum), but pretty easily.

So I tried my engagement ring, too. And it fit. And I love my engagement ring. Geoff researched buying diamonds for months before he bought mine. And it's in yellow gold (laugh all you want all you white gold/platinum fans, I'm rockin' it old skool ... plus platinum looks like crap on my pasty white skin). It's a simple 6-prong setting that Geoff intended for me to change to put into a setting I'd want, but I love this one so much I don't want to change it.

I'm not saying it'll come off very easily now, but it fits and I'm wearing it and I'm happy to say I'm no longer a "single parent".

Afterall, I was married for at least a few hours before I got pregnant, okay? I earned the right to wear these rings while going around town with my baby.

And since I clearly lost the few extra ounces it took to be able to wear my rings after walking around the lake yesterday, you'd think I'd want to do it again today. But you'd be wrong. Today (and for the rest of the week) it's supposed to be really really hot.

Maybe tonight when Geoff gets home we can all go.

Afterall, we are married.

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