Sunday, July 20, 2008

Month 1, A Review


You turned one month old last Thursday, which means so far we've all survived the first 4 weeks of your life. This is good news for everyone, particularly you.

So far, everyone who meets you loves your name. As I'm sure you know by now, it means "bringing light". You have certainly brought your light into our lives.

The day after you turned one month old, we went to your one-month appointment with Dr. McNerney. You screamed the entire time because you were hungry. I'm sorry, babygirl, but I thought you were sleepy (as I'd just fed you!) and would fall asleep in the car. No, you did not do that until we got home.

You are in the 97th percentile for length and the 46th percentile for weight. Your head circumference is in the 76th percentile. This means you are currently shaped like a lollipop and your dad noted that maybe one day you'll become a supermodel and support us in our old age.

No pressure.

You do have some long feet, though. Just this morning, mommy put on a pair of socks for 6-12 month olds. They fit you perfectly.

During the past month, you have learned to focus your eyes a lot better, reach for your toys (sometimes) and coo. Sometimes -- when mommy is really lucky -- you even coo yourself to sleep. You are -- as everyone says -- the best baby ever.

And by "everyone", I of course mean your immediate family, which includes Lola the dog.

Your first week in the NICU was full of anxiety for mommy and daddy, as we didn't know how long you'd be there and we were anxious to bring you home. Your grandma Shelley and uncle Kyle met you the day you were born and your Grandparents H. and Aunt Chaunteel met you the day after we brought you home. We hope you never spend another day in the hospital.

In the beginning, you looked so much like your daddy that even the pediatrician stopped what he was saying during your first appointment to tell us you looked just like dad. I gotta say, Daddy seemed pretty proud of this.

At that first appointment (when you were a week old), mommy and daddy had to get the shots to vaccinate us against Tetanus and Whooping Cough(but please note: we did not get lollipops).

We made the trek to Bakersfield for the 4th of July weekend so you could meet the rest of your extended family. You were not happy with the change in your routine and cried for the last 45 minutes of the drive. Mommy is sorry her noonies don't reach to the backseat to feed you while driving. I mean, they almost do, but not quite.

Everyone held you -- especially Great Uncle Carrot and Great-Grandma Winchester. Grandpa H., in particular, wanted to hold you more than anyone. You also met your great-grandparents Rademacher. You were such a great baby everyone was telling mom what a good job she did. I can take none of the credit. You have always been very peaceful. "Grandpa" Brick was so impressed with how sweet and calm you were (when we met him at the cool independently-owned coffee house), he said he could have stared at you all day. Mom and dad feel the same way.

From the beginning you have slept as long as 7 hours at night. Last night you almost slept 8 hours! When you wake up, you are so happy no matter the time of day. Mommy loves seeing your face light up any hour of the day. We want you to stay small forever. Daddy, in particular, can't imagine the day you will want to go to the prom. I'm sorry, but it seems you won't be allowed to date until you're 25.

You seem to have a definite affinity for music and certain sounds. Daddy is hoping to teach you how to play the guitar someday. Last night, in fact, we watched a special on The Who and you were mesmerized (and even almost dancing) during the concert scenes. You are already way cooler than mom or dad ever were.

On Friday night you finally got to meet your uncle Greg H. (you don't know it yet, but you have 2 uncle Gregs!). Uncle Greg and Uncle Stuart came to visit you and daddy was proud of his little girl.

Lately, you are starting to look more and more like uncle Stuart. In some pictures you could be mistaken for him. Sadly, you still -- and probably always will -- have mom's "baby carrot" toes.

You have gotten lots and lots of gifts from everyone it seems! Everyone wants to buy you something pink and mommy loves dressing you in the cute outfits and blankies.

In the past month, you have completely changed our lives. We love you so much and we realize how lucky we are to have such a sweet, mellow baby.

Because you are such a great baby, we are afraid to give you a brother or sister because he or she might not be as great a sleeper or eater as you are. I'm sure we'll get over this though sometime in the next few years, so don't get your hopes up about being an only child.

In the meantime, keep growing and learning. Mommy and daddy can't wait to see what happens in the next month.


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