Monday, July 21, 2008

Phantom Crying

Okay so I'm starting to get paranoid because I always -- always -- hear Phoebe crying. Even when I know for a fact she's not crying because she's happily staring off into space on her little pillow on the floor or being held by daddy.

It's so bad that I can't handle having the air conditioning or television turned on because I swear I hear her crying when the noise starts up and I have to stop what I'm doing and go upstairs to check on her. And pretty much every time I do, she's peacefully asleep.

The other night, Geoff had to tell me she actually was crying because I was trying to cure my craziness by ignoring what I thought was a phantom cry.

So today I told Geoff's cousin (and one of my bffs) Tanya about this and she said:

"Maybe Geoff has a recording of Phoebe crying on a loop and is just screwing with you..."

I think that is the only reasonable explanation.

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Melissa said...

Max is 2.5 and I still hear it. The other night I woke up to the cries, listened tensely, and realized it was Hernando's nose whisteling as he snored.