Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Taking What I Can Get, Scarlett O'Hara Style

So my "sucker baby" (as my Aunt has called her -- as in "she'll sucker you into having another one because she's so easy) turned on me yesterday.

Because I'm spoiled by how easily (and loooooooong) she sleeps, I didn't heed the advice of everyone to "sleep when the baby sleeps" yesterday morning. I thought "Eh, I'll take a nap this afternoon, meanwhile I gotta catch up on Perez Hilton .

That was a big mistake.

She stayed awake (taking a FEW short 10 minute naps) until 10 p.m. last night. It took one caipirinha, 1 Firestone Union Jack and the rest of that All-Star Game for mommy to relax enough to get to sleep last night.

Fortunately she slept until 5 a.m., so things are almost back to normal.

So far today I've managed to take a shower (including washing my hair!), brush my teeth before noon, wash a load of diapers, wash a load of my own laundry, eat lunch before actually dying of starvation (I'll never be hungry again!) and clean the kitchen, including running the dishwasher.

I feel pretty darn under control right about now.

I even braved trying on my favorite and most expensive pair of Joe's Jeans (purchased approximately one month before I got pregnant) ... and they almost fit. (forward to 3:03)

My only hope is that the super-fierce high-waisted "Farrah Fawcett" jeans I purchased last summer won't now become "ugly high-waisted mom jeans" on my post-baby figure.

I'll just think about that tomorrow. Tommorow's another day.

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