Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Visitors From Morro Bay

Stillman and Alexis stopped by today to drop off presents for mom (wine!) and a onesie for Phoebe.

Phoebe stayed asleep almost the entire time, which was impressive because Alexis and Stillman were both wearing their usual loud outfits (they always look awesome and put together -- I was in an old tanktop and, of course, maternity pants). And when we get together, Alexis and I don't usually use our "inside voices".

Stillman joked that he'd hear the "pop" of a cork coming out of a bottle of wine after I shut the door when they were leaving ... I'm at least going to wait until Geoff comes home, even though I'm dying to try the new Riesling.

I suppose I can wait until 5:30 ... sigh ...

I was very happy to see them both as it'd been ENTIRELY too long. I spent a great many Saturdays of my pregnancy walking the beach with Alexis (and Annie) and then gorging on Chapala Market afterward. It wasn't the same without the Negra Modelos, but I anticipate a Morro Bay visit in our near future ... and this time, Mommy is having her Mexican beer. And probably a Mexican Coke, as well.

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