Saturday, July 12, 2008

Woman of the Cloth

The name Phoebe wasn't necessarily something we spent a lot of time thinking to name her, but it wasn't a whimsical decision either. Neither, really, was the decision to use cloth diapers.

I'd read the name under the heading "As Seen On TV" in The Big Book of 60,000 Baby Names I picked up at Motherhood Maternity (aka the store with the worst sales staff in the entire world so I'm not even going to hyperlink to it) and even though the initial connotation was for Phoebe from Friends, for some reason the name resonated with me.

I then looked it up: Greek, meaning "Bringing light". I liked that a lot, too.

Several weeks later, during some research into whether or not women are allowed to be pastors in our religion (it had come up during one of our community group discussions that our church does not allow women to teach men -- this was quite a shock for me), I realized there was some controversy over the role of Phoebe in the New Testament. It seems that some translations of the Greek word "diakonos" get translated into "deacon" and some to "servant". So there is some discussion about whether Phoebe was a female deacon in the church, or merely a servant/messenger sharing Paul's gospel. I started liking the name even more.

Geoff was still unconvinced.

Several weeks later, we were in Morro Bay and saw a black phoebe sitting on the fence post at Stillman and Alexis' house. Geoff -- an unabashed bird-lover -- pointed it out to me and I said "That settles it -- we have to name her Phoebe if baby is a girl".

Geoff was moderately convinced, but I knew I could win him over eventually.

So in addition to Phoebe's grand history in the world of the word of God and nature, we also decided that our baby should wear cloth diapers.

That's right.

To be honest, I wasn't convinced at first until our friend Wendy sat me down and showed me how she manages them. I mean, I'm cheap and I hate waste, but could I really handle washing diapers?

Most importantly: What happens to the poop?

Well, it's really simple. Some, okay, most ... most people choose to rinse off the poop first (before putting the dirty diaper into the diaper bin -- we use a trash can with a lid and lined with a "washable laundry bag" ). I started out washing off the poop first, but it just got to be too messy and, frankly, I'm lazy, so instead I just run it through an extra wash cycle when I wash them. They're stained, but who's looking?

I'll admit that starting out things weren't as easy as I'd imagined. Phoebe's poops were ... well ... wet. And leaky. And so we caved and went with disposables about half the time. But I can tell you now it's been a few weeks and things are going smoothly with the cloth diapers and covers. I feel good knowing I've conquered cloth diapering.

And I gotta say -- I feel pretty darn smug about it, too.

And I love knowing I can reuse them when we have baby number 2 ...

I'm just saying ...

Geoff bought mai tai mix at Bev Mo today, and we all know what came of the last time we had mai tais.

She's sleeping next to our bed right now.

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