Thursday, August 7, 2008


This is what I look like driving south on Highway 1 after enjoying great wine and great company at Hoppe's. The light was so amazing I almost pulled over to take some pictures of Phoebe and I WISH I had the digital camera because I so would have. Maybe I'll try to go to the beach tomorrow around the same time (7:30ish) and bring the doggie ... she could use some exercise ...

Stillman's new syrah is amazing (as are La Mort Du Roi, which we served at our wedding and the Black Zeppelin which, well, we just drink anytime we're lucky) and our good friends Kurt and Karina were there and even gave me 2 bottles of the tempranillo we were tasting tonight!

What can I say -- I have awesome friends.

And an even awesomer baby! She was happy and sleeping in the Baby Bjorn (thank you Wendy for the hand-me-down!) the whole night ... until we got into the car and she realized she was STARVING. But while we were out (and she was asleep) everyone wanted to see her and comment on her long feet and toes and nobody could believe a 7 week old could behave so well.

My favorite part? Everyone asks her name. And I LOVE her name (obviously) and when I tell people it's Phoebe they get this look like they just saw a bunch of kittens cuddling up with a bunch of puppies while some baby ducks walk by and they say "Phoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeebe" like it's the cutest thing in the whole world. I mean, I think it is, but you know getting affirmation from strangers is always pretty much awesome.

The food was amazing ... a prosciutto/fig/apple/gorgonzola pizza, some pate on thin crisp bread with mustard, a fantastic eggplant/feta/tomato/anchovy salad that just about changed my life and Hoppe's amazing breadsticks (not to mention about 10 other things that were fantastic).

Karina and Kurt were telling me about her French coworkers (her company is a French-owned company) and how they all say "To succeed, you must focus", but because of the accent the word "focus" is pronounced like ... well ... I'll let you figure it out. I then commented that the French would pronounce the word "happiness" in a way that might indicate something involved in a, ahem, "focus" group, for example ... (hint: there's no "h" sound in French).

Needless to say I love (and miss) hanging out with Kurt and Karina.

Phoebe has eaten about 500 times since we've been home, but I don't care. She's happy and so am I.

And I think I'm going to go to SLO tomorrow to get stationery and rockabilly bangs.

Yes, bangs. You know the ones. Blunt, thick, impossible to grow out.

Basically I love Kenley's bangs on Project Runway -- they're not TOO short and they totally frame her face well and, really, I'm an expert on growing out short hair so when I inevitably get tired of them in 3 months I can then complain about growing them out, etc.

But look how great and wonderful they are:

I'm reeeeeeally lazy about doing my hair, but Geoff likes it long so I'm growing it out. I am SO TIRED of these stupid layers so I'm growing those out, too (Look hairdressers, I would love to use a round brush and blow dry my hair into perfection every day, but really who has the time?!).

My hair is the longest it's been since I was 15 and I always just throw it into a ponytail. I want something different and I've LUSTED in my heart after rockabilly bangs forever. I figure bangs will at least give it SOME style ... the difficult part will be facing the hairdresser (no way in hell am I attempting to cut these bangs myself) with my orange roots ... sigh ...

Wish me luck ...


Kyle Johnson said...

Note: if you get your hair cut like that, then you will have the same haircut as every girl in Bakersfield. I have seen many girls wear their hair with those bangs in the past few months...

Meghan said...

Why must you always ruin my life? WHY!?