Monday, August 11, 2008


I suck at giving Phoebe "tummy time".

First of all, I hate saying "tummy time". It sounds ridiculous and WAAAY too cutesy. "Tummy time!"

And every time I hear it, all I can think about is:

I know. I know this is insane.

For those of you without kids (because I'd never heard of this before the pediatrician recommended it), "tummy time" is when you put the baby on her stomach for "a few times each day" so their head doesn't get flat from always being on their backs now that, you know, that's the recommendation for putting them to sleep nowadays.

Since he told us about this, I've noticed a LOT of kids have flat heads!

But Phoebe is fortunate: she sleeps on her side. And she's always slept on her side! I put her in the little co-sleeper bassinet thing on her back and she rolls to the side. So she isn't going to get a flat head!

And the other reason they like you to do it is so they can work their neck muscles to get strong enough to hold their head on their own. But Phoebe is getting great neck muscles because she LOVES to be "cuddled" against our chests -- and she can move her head back away from us when we do this, so she is working it a little bit!

The pediatrician got after me at the last appointment though because I guess tummy time is also supposed to help them learn to crawl, by working their pecs or whatever.

The reason I don't do it (besides being worst-mom-of-the-year):

She screams BLOODY MURDER when I put her on her tummy. I do it flat on the ground, in her bassinet, on the boppy pillow, and every other place I can imagine. She lasts about 1 minute before the bottom lip comes out which is about as reliable to predict crying as an old man's arthritic knees predict the rain. You know what's coming.

She has enjoyed doing it ONCE, but that was it. I did catch it on camera though (please note: her head is turned to the side):

But every other time it's been horrible.

So now I'm looking at her next doctor's appointment coming up on Monday (and I know she's gonna get shots, which I am just going to think about tomorrow because I can't handle that today) and I know he's gonna put her on her stomach and see how she's progressing and I'm going to get the look and the lecture.

Maybe I'll try it again today. Maybe just one time each day until Monday ... I think we can handle that much ... I hope.

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