Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ever Hear of a Little Show Called 'Friends'/Every Name Has a Silver Lining

Before we named Phoebe, Geoff said that EVERYONE was going to think we named her after the Friends character.

We did not.

I assured him that by the time it would matter (i.e., she starts school and is subjected to ridicule), nobody would know anything about Phoebe from Friends. And I can say with confidence that not ONE person has EVER said "Ohh, like from Friends?" when I tell them Phoebe's name.

So imagine my surprise at the grocery store today when the checkout girl (estimated age: 20) asked me what her name is. I said "Phoebe".

The bag girl (also about 20) said "Never heard that one before" (in a tone that indicated she thought I had made up the name, which BTW is IN THE BIBLE, PEOPLE!)

So I glanced at her nametag.

It read: Silver.

I am not making this up.

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