Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So the pediatrician told me Geoff and I had to get flu shots to help prevent Phoebe from getting it (as she is too young for a flu shot).

And I told the pediatrician that if he wanted to give me another shot, I was going to need a lot more than a lollipop this time.

So he told me about Flumist, which is just inhaled after being sprayed into the nostrils. I was wary, but he told me it didn't even burn and -- AND -- he had no side effects after he took it.

I was convinced.

And it did not burn or anything at all! I LOVE Flumist! I was telling EVERYONE I KNOW about Flumist. I was its biggest fan!

And until today I was under the impression that --aside from preventing the flu, of course-- it had no side effects.

Thank you for not warning me about this one, guy:
Most common side effects were generally mild and included runny nose or nasal congestion, sore throat, and fever

So in other words, they are saying I am going to get the flu, which is what I am feeling right now. Just 3 days before we are going to Bakersfield to have Phoebe's infant dedication at church. Great.

Uh, Doc, if you're reading this ... Please forward the vodka to my home address. I'm going to need it after this weekend.

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