Thursday, August 28, 2008

Formula in my Coffee

While putting the Silk soy creamer (YUM) into my coffee this morning, I noticed that on the side it read:


And I'm glad we got that all cleared up because -- and I mean this -- as I was putting it into my coffee I thought "I bet Phoebe would want to drink this stuff. I think she'd love it, in fact. Maybe I'll feed her some even though it has like zero nutritional value and costs $2.50 a pint".

Here's my question: Who in the world was the person to make them put this on the side of the container?


And why doesn't it say that on, oh I don't know, EVERYTHING THAT'S NOT INFANT FORMULA!?

Windex: Not to be used as infant formula
Habanero hot sauce: Not to be used as infant formula
Chocolate chip ice cream: Not to be used as infant formula
Ranch dressing: Not to be used as infant formula

You gotta be kidding me.

Actually, I think Phoebe would really like ranch dressing. I mean, it might be a good way to get her to take a bottle.

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