Thursday, August 7, 2008

Get the Keys to the Liquor Cabinet: Daddy's Out of Town

So Geoff is off playing with bats or something on the Carrizo (for work) so we're home alone for the first time in Phoebe's life.

The worst part? He took the laptop so I'm on the old fuddy duddy desktop computer.

The double worst part? He didn't tell me he was taking it so about 5 seconds after he left I went to check email and saw the laptop missing.

The triple worst part? I saw a spider on the sofa earlier while feeding Phoebe and I think it's safe to say we are now going to have to stay in a hotel for the weekend until Geoff comes home and can kill every spider in a 1 mile radius.

I am TERRIFIED of spiders. And because it's summer and therefore cooler in here they've launched an attack on our lives.

Suffice to say: I'm going to need a LOT of wine to handle the weekend alone.

Which works out great because tonight at Hoppe's is Hoppe Hour! Hoppe Hour is the first Thursday of every month and includes a featured wine tasting with YUMMY foods (of course, it's Hoppe's) for $10. And tonight Stillman will be pouring the new riesling and one of his fantastic syrahs! Life could not get any better unless I had a guarantee Phoebe would be PeacefulBaby the entire time.

The hour starts at 6 and it's in Cayucos, so I'm leaving at 5. This means I have 4 hours to:

-wash my one pair of nonmaternity jeans that fit (although the second number on the scale this morning was lower than it was yesterday so YAY!)
-take a shower
-put about 3 lbs. of concealer under my tired eyes
-feed baby enough to put her into milk-induced coma
-take nap -- if lucky

I think I can do it.

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