Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Googly eye = 4th Nerve Palsy = Pirate Baby

So "fourth nerve palsy" sounds a LOT scarier than it is.

This much I've learned since we got back from the ophthalmologist this morning. And while it can be genetic, neither Geoff nor I know anyone in our families who have had it, so it is just one of those things.

Dr. Rena says it's like a birthmark.

And it's good we caught it now. In the "old days", if left untreated, a 4th nerve palsy would mean the person would eventually go blind in that eye. Catching it as early as we did is even better because Phoebe is still learning to see, so we can fix it and get her squared away before she, you know, starts college.

Phoebe is now going to be wearing little eye patches for 3 hours a day on alternating eyes (one day the left, one the right, etc.) to make sure she is forced to use her weaker eye (which is the right eye -- both dad and I thought it was her left eye which really says a lot about our own eyesight).

This will make sure she does not lose the ability to use that eye, which would eventually cause ambylopia , which would be bad because if that happens she wouldn't be able to have a surgery to repair her 4th nerve palsy.

She's going to need surgery sometime after she's 6 months old.

The rest of the time (before the surgery and when she's not wearing the eye patch on one eye) she will need to have it off to make sure she learns how to use her binocular vision, which is apparently really good. And Dr. Rena says her vision is so good she will probably not even need glasses when we're all said and done.

So it's a highly treatable problem and in the grand scheme of things really not a big deal, but for now ... we have a baby pirate on our hands. I'm just happy the choices for baby eye patches are a LOT cuter than I'd thought.

And Phoebe didn't even cry when they put the drops in her eyes to have them dilated. Even the nurse couldn't believe it.

See? I told you she was the best baby in the world. Even if she is going to be out pillaging and making Lola walk the plank.


Leanne Carter-Lewis said...

That poor baby!!! It's a good thing she is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E in that patch. She is such a bitch -- I could never pull of an eye patch!!!! LOL!

The good news is Bdo said: "oh, well, we're gonna have to get her a present!" LOL -- which means babygap shopping for me! LOL

Annie said...

OK "making Lola walk the plank" is hilarious! Poor little sweetie. I agree with Leanne though, she sure can rock the eye patch and looks adorable!