Thursday, August 21, 2008


So lately our house has been overcome with flies.

No, we are not living in *that* much squalor, it's just that they appeared out of nowhere all of the sudden. They stay away from the baby though, so she's not getting any diseases or anything. I'm fairly positive it's because of her new menacing eye patch.

I'm surprised there are so many flies in our living room (they're always confined to the living room and there's always at least 2) because of how many spiderwebs there are in that room. And all of them were pointed out by our friend's 7 year old son just last week. Thank you, Patrick.

When I let Lola outside, I even try and shoo at least one of them back out and usually one will go!

The thing is ... spiderweb destruction is Geoff's job because spiders are scary and will come kill me in my sleep if I get rid of them, so I let them be as long as I don't see the spiders themselves. Webs are fine, though. But today I saw a daddy long legs and even though I know they eat black widows (the scariest of the scary spiders), and allegedly they'll eat flies, I just couldn't handle it anymore.

So in spite of my coming down with bird flu I decided to go OCD crazy and clean our living room.

And I spent probably an hour doing so, and am now totally sweaty and sick feeling.


The living room is picked up and wiped down.

Yes, wiped down. I refuse to dust. I hate it. I would rather vacuum 4 football fields than dust even ONE shelf. I hate it THAT much.

HOWEVER, you know what I DO enjoy immensely? Wiping things down.

I know. It makes NO sense.

So I got a SPONGE with WATER and WIPED STUFF DOWN. That's not dusting! That's WIPING DOWN!!! HELL YEAH!

So now all the dust that was resting peacefully on our furniture is now completely up my nose, which I hear is great for the flu.

Now I just need to vacuum everything and throw Geoff's black leather recliner in the trash and our living room will be perfect.

But I'm torn about whether to get rid of all the cobwebs ... I mean, the spiders are going to eat the flies, right? So why get rid of them?

It seems like we're in this together now. Sorta like we're in a killing the flies fly relay.

It's just they're not really getting this whole "teamwork" thing because they're obviously not eating them fast enough.

So, sorry guys, but you're about to get vacuumed.

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