Monday, August 18, 2008

Month 2, A Review

Phoebe (aka Peanut Butter),

Yesterday you turned 2 months old and to celebrate you decided to not take any naps at all and to eat several dozen times. So, all in all, you had a pretty good day.

Mom even made you wear the blue-striped dress Brandon, Leanne and Dennise got you because it looks so pretty on you. Unfortunately you are still too young for cupcakes.

In the past month you have really started to come alive. You coo and you smile and you reach out with your arms to grab my shirt and you want so very badly to grab your toys, but they stay a little beyond your motor skill level. I am sure you will be rattling your rattles and bouncing your balls very soon.

You and I are starting to understand each other more and more. I know when you're tired and when you're hungry. I know when you need comfort and when you want to play. I am starting to feel extra confident about being your mom. And -- can I just say -- your daddy is doing a stand-up job, too.

You have recently decided you prefer sleeping from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m., which is fine by everyone. When you wake up at 5 a.m. you are so happy to be alive so I feed you and you tell me your stories and you go back to sleep before daddy gets up to go to work. Some mornings you stay awake, like you did last week. Last week we learned of the more "dramatic" side of you -- you pretended to cry and then you gave us the most devilish look like you were playing a joke on us. It was so amazing to see you thinking about our responses, and to see a little bit of your personality coming to light.

Dad and I can tell you are very anxious to talk and I'm sure once you do you're going to have lots to say.

You seem to enjoy mornings most of all, which makes me certain you are, in fact, my daughter. Unfortunately you do not like coffee (even decaf) so mommy has had to (continue to) give up her morning ritual of coffee with half and half. Even with the decaf you manage to stay awake much longer than you should. And then you get crabby and then mommy has to start drinking margaritas ... but that's okay according to Dr. McNerney who told us today his wife had margaritas when she was breastfeeding and said "the kids always slept best after margarita night."

Today at your 2-month checkup we learned that you are the skinny minny we thought you are. You are 23.5" long and weigh 10 lbs 3 oz. Your length is something like the 88th percentile, but your weight is 33rd percentile. Dr. McNerney said it's okay because you're growing. I assured him you enjoy eating almost as much as you enjoy sleeping.

You very much enjoy tooting, which you did quite proudly at the doctor's office today. While mom and dad watch "The Tudors", you chime in with your own chorus of toots. We are confident you will grow out of it though, so don't worry too much.

Dr. McNerney did a test of your vision and noticed what he thinks might be a strabismus in your left eye and so we are going to see an ophthalmologist (which mommy had to look up just now in order to spell correctly) on Wednesday to determine if you really have a strabismus or if it was a false strabismus and where to go from there.

In the grand scheme of things, well ... we are extremely worried though we know we shouldn't be. Your dad and I know this is just one in a series of many worries we will have about you in your life, but when they come they sure are whoppers. You don't need to worry. I checked the list of famous people who have strabismus and they include Kate Moss and Sartre. And I'm comforted in knowing that a supermodel and a philosopher were able to get along just fine with a strabismus (which I now like to call "googly-eye", thank you Wikipedia).

Although, truthfully, I do worry that you might become a coked-out supermodel or an existentialist. And I'm not sure which would be worse.

You were so brave and good while getting all four of your shots today. I have never seen you give out such a cry of pain and fear, but Nurse Paige was so gentle and kind toward you. After it was all over, I fed you and you calmed right down and although you seem somewhat wounded, I think you will be okay.

When daddy got home you woke up and you were all smiles and playful baby and did not seem to have a care in the world. I was so proud of you for being so brave. I absolutely hate getting shots more than anything and to see you laughing and enjoying life so soon after (with the little circle band-aids with the hearts on them still on your legs) I felt a surge of pride.

Tonight as you went to sleep I played some of the songs on your Gloworm (as evidence for your future talkative self, you do not like when "Hush Little Baby" comes on) and you were holding my finger in your soft, tiny hand.

I want you to know that my hand will always be there for you to hold.


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Leanne Carter-Lewis said...

That little girl is as precious as her mother.

Also, I'm pretty sure everyone I know has that googly-eye thing. I was looking at the pic on wikipedia and I couldn't even see what the difference between the two eyes were! It could be worse, she could be like Kate Bosworth and have two different colored eyes -- now that is distracting!