Thursday, August 21, 2008

Phoebe Photoshoot

*or You Honestly Didn't Think We Were Going to Let a Little Eye Patch and Mommy's Flu Get in the Way of Our Weekly Photoshoot, Did You?

That's right ... it's picture time again! And there were a LOT this week, so ... I'm not even gonna give captions for all of 'em ... Hey -- I'm sickly so I have a valid excuse!

First, she was sticking out her tongue at me:

Word to your mother!

She has 2 more of these on the other leg from her vaccines

Pretty sure this was the face she made when -- as if she were Lola and I was trying to bribe her with cheese -- I said "Milk!? Who wants some MILK?!?"

Phoebe is perfecting the Myspace "Don't have a care in the world" open-mouth pose ...


First, the bottom lip came out ...

Aaaaaaaand then she started crying ...

Wardrobe provided by: Auntie Kim

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