Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Photoshoot, Part II

So I read the Idiot's Guide to Photography Like a Pro and got some tips ... I mean, our digital camera doesn't have all that fancy stuff on it, but I got some good pointers, I think. So here's the 2nd attempt at a Phoebe Photoshoot:

Phoebe was really excited about this 2nd photoshoot, too:

"You want pictures of me? Fine. I'm just going to sit here expressionless."

"Really, mom, I'm kinda ready for my nap now .. you're keeping me awake ..."

Not in the mood to pose, really ...

The stupid camera kept being "unable to focus" every time she smiled ...

... but her faces are still pretty funny, I think ...

"Okay, mom, one pretty face ..."

Getting sleepy ...

"That's enough: It's naptime and I'm going to stop cooperating."

Wardrobe by: Brandon and Leanne
Hair by: Johnson and Johnson

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