Monday, August 25, 2008

Bakersfield Trip

Of course while we were in Bakersfield this past weekend, I forgot the camera for most of our excursions. And, as you can tell, I'm too tired to go into detail about our trip ... so ... here are the highlights (from the 10 or so pictures that we took with our camera ...)

The whole family, including Phoebe in her dedication gown and mom in her fat suit:

Phoebe wearing dad's sunglasses and I couldn't wait for the stupid camera to give me the focus green because everyone was telling me to just "take the picture! just take the picture! hurry! the glasses are falling off her face! take the picture, Meghan!" -- WELL ARE YOU HAPPY WITH THE BLURRY PICTURE, GUYS!? ARE YOU!?

Uncle Kyle tells Phoebe all about microbrews:

And then, Phoebe smiles AND farts on camera (at :36 - difficult to hear, but you'll hear us laughing at her afterward):

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