Thursday, August 14, 2008


Because I am a masochist, I decided to try on my skinny jeans today.

No, not those skinny jeans that will probably never ever fit me again and have such a low-rise I am not sure -- as a mother -- I should be wearing them in public. And definitely not at all without a bikini wax.

I am talking about my skinny leg Levi's.

I was able to zip AND button them successfully. I would never wear them in front of anyone for now (except Lola and Phoebe, but they can't really make sarcastic comments ... yet), but I think I'm 5 lbs away from being able to wear them -- at minimum -- in front of my husband and possibly even on a date.

... which will increase the amount of jeans I can wear in public to 2.

So I'm pretty happy.

And to celebrate? I'm having pasta and McClintock's beans for lunch. What can I say? Michael Phelps is an inspiration.

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