Monday, August 4, 2008

Why I Love Geoff, No. 4

Kim lives in Denver and told me this morning that her husband found a midget band and he wants them to perform for their wedding anniversary next year.

Our husbands both love midgets.

She said if they do hire the band, we will have to go there next year for their "midget anniversary" (you know, like the 1st is paper, the 2nd is cotton, the 3rd is midget etc.)

I told Geoff about this when he came home from work today and he said "A midget band -- that's awesome! If I was a midget, I'd totally start a band."

And I said "Yeah, but you know it's always difficult to find a guy to play the bass, so you could just find a midget and teach him."

He said "A midget playing the bass would have to have ET fingers! You can't fret a bass with Vienna sausage fingers."

I haven't stopped laughing.

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