Saturday, August 16, 2008

Why I Love Geoff

I went out to get the mail earlier today which takes about one minute, round trip. When I came back inside I saw Geoff had the digital camera out and was taking pictures of Phoebe.

I had received in the mail something in a very-easy-to-peek card sealed with scotch tape that read "confidential information" on the outside. And it was from my doctor.

First of all, hey guys, thanks for the extra security measures with the "confidential information" printed on the front and the scotch tape closure. Why not just write "please read, Mr. Postman" on the outside of it and why even bother with the tape?!

"What in the world was it all about?" you're asking yourself, I bet. Maybe Phoebe wasn't really my baby? Maybe she really IS just Geoff's clone and they're just now getting the confirmation from some blood tests after she was born?


I read it aloud "My pap smear was normal."

Geoff looked at me and said "Great, got that on tape."

We laughed.

But he didn't delete the video.

Welcome to our lives. Where only the pap smears are normal.

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