Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Make Me Babies

Okay so this is really funny ... I played around with Make Me Babies just to see what they think Phoebe looks like. I did not expect the result to be a toddler, but the result is pretty funny.

Apparently this:

Plus this:

Equals this:

MakeMeBabies.com - What will your baby look like?

EDITED 10-1-08

I tried another time and this is the result:

MakeMeBabies.com - What will your baby look like?

I want you to know I selected "girl".


Kyle Johnson said...

Have you ever seen Strangers with Candy? That is all I have to say.

Leanne said...

Please don't ever, ever do that to Phoebe's hair.


Also, I spit out my coffee when i read Kyle's comment.

Annie said...

Oh wow! Where on earth did that hair come from??

Meghan said...

I didn't pick the hairstyle, guys! That's like a "standard" hair or whatever - the site picks it!

Of course knowing me, um, Phoebe's hair will look that bad because I have no idea how to style hair, as evidenced in every picture of me except those taken on wedding day.