Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oaktoberfest 2008 vs. Oaktoberfest 2007

This is what I looked like at last year's Oaktoberfest with my brother Kyle:

For the record, Oaktoberfest was September 29th and I found out I was pregnant on October 3rd. Phoebe seems to have turned out okay so far in spite of the boozing and cigar smoking *crossing fingers*

(Regarding the shirt I'm wearing: it's from Threadless and it's called "Nice Boobies". Boobies are a type of bird -- which, of course, Geoff has pointed out aren't anatomically correct on the shirt -- and I can't wear it now that my actual boobies are significantly larger than a coupla birds. Added bonus story about my favorite t-shirt: I had it delivered to the office and of course told my boss about what it was called and we laughed at the joke and all, so you can imagine how hard I laughed -- and am still laughing about this -- when he saw me wearing the shirt the next day and said to me "Nice juggs!")

So last year I competed --poorly-- in the keg toss and blame it (looking back) on being about two weeks pregnant. I'm sure it had nothing to do with my level of drunkenness (complete) or the fact that I hadn't been to a gym in 3 months.

This year's Oaktoberfest was yesterday and Kyle went with some of his friends. Why? Geoff and I are old farts who can't drink beer all day and who --if we wanted the luxury of spending $70 to drink beer all day with no cares in the world-- should have thought about that before going to Maui and drinking too many Mai Tais last year.

So Geoff and I stayed home, waiting for DrunkKyle to arrive and we had a few Firestone DBAs and ate chips and salsa.

The good news? We only spent $11 and didn't get sunburned.

The bad news? We did not have a keg toss.

The awesome news? The text message I got from Kyle at 12:44 p.m. that read: Ain't missing much. :(


Candice Lynn said...

When have your "boobies" ever NOT been larger than a couple of birds? I hate you.

Meghan said...

True, but booby birds are like 3 feet tall, so you know ... right now they're basically bigger than that