Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Typical Day at the Office

Lola ate too much seaweed at the beach on Monday (she got away from us so we couldn't tell her to stop). And by "too much" I mean to imply that after we left the beach, there was no seaweed on the shore between Morro Rock and the Cayucos pier.

Seaweed is great for dogs -- it gives them all kinds of minerals and nutrients. And Lola LOVES to eat it. LOVES it. Particularly if it's all crusted over with the leftover parts of deceased sea creatures even the birds found disgusting.

The problem I'm dealing with right now is that too much seaweed causes a digestive problem in dogs known medically as "green foamy watery barf" and "the runs".

Fortunately, Lola has saved the latter for the ivy in the backyard. However, the former is now all over the entire upstairs of our condo, excluding Phoebe. Counting blessings here, folks.

As I was getting totally comfortable in bed this morning, pulling up my totally comfortable quilt about to take a nap, I put my hand in more of the barf foam. {Insert 4-letter word of your choice here} And of course do I ever make the bed in the morning? Noooooo. So it's on the quilt, the top sheet and seeped through to the mattress. Happily, Lola tends to sleep on Geoff's side of the bed so I won't have to flip the mattress around before going to sleep tonight. Consider it an early anniversary present, honey. And, also, it'll be a surprise since I know you don't really read the blog every day.

Today's little explosion wouldn't have been so bad if she hadn't already thrown up last night all over the carpet and top sheet of our bed right before we were going to sleep. And, because this is our lives, Geoff and I discovered last night we were OUT OF CARPET CLEANER. And unfortunately we don't have an area rug the right size to cover the 3 separate places she threw up. (Although I saw this in the new Anthropologie catalog and, you know, I wouldn't send it back or anything if you wanted to buy one for us.) So we used the deodorizing stuff and the last few drops of Resolve we could squeeze from the container and blotted everything up with a bunch of Geoff's old white t-shirts I had cut up a few months ago in a fit of housewifery with the idea that they might come in handy someday.

They did. And are now in the washing machine instead of the hall closet.

The baby is great, the house isn't too much of a mess, and my dog is hiding under the bed in shame from her upheavals, as it were.

And I'm now doing laundry instead of taking a much-needed nap.

Maybe tonight I can liquor up the boss and ask for a raise.


Kyle Johnson said...

Two words: Planter's Punch. I am drinking one right's sweet and, if I ever choose to visit the south, I'll probably find out it's trashy. Recipe:
1 1/2 oz Rum
1 1/2 oz Sweet & Sour
1 1/2 oz OJ
1/2 oz Grenadine
a splash or two of angostura bitters.
build over ice.
It's the drinking equivalent of sweet tea...

Meghan said...

Holy shit I am making one of those TONIGHT! And by tonight, I of course mean "right now".