Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Wedding in Refugio

John and Lacrissa's wedding in Refugio was absolutely beautiful. The weather was gorgeous, the food was amazing and the baby? Perfect.

We had such a great time we didn't get a very good set of pictures, even!

No worry, I'm pretty certain our friend Jon got some great shots. I can't wait to see them.

Babies with 4th nerve palsy develop a "head tilt" to physically adjust their vision to see things normally since they can't move their eye so well. They're SMART that way ... 3 months old and already figuring out how to make do with a disability (that will be operated on and repaired in January, btw!!!):

Proof that I was there:

Wish I got a better picture of the tent -- it was VERY Moroccan with these great lanterns hanging from the "center" part of the tent (food included seafood paella, fried plantains, tritip, roasted vegetables and the BEST devil's food cake EVER)

Back at the hotel, Phoebe catches up on the football highlights with dad:

Her new gimmick? Putting EVERYTHING in her mouth ...

... including dad's arm ...

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