Sunday, September 21, 2008

When Grandma Comes to Town

... this is what happens ...

First, the Morro Bay Avocado and Margarita festival that was nowhere near as awesome as it sounded, so we went across the street for margaritas, fried fish and fries:

Then Phoebe had her first beer *ha ha* a delicious Belgian St. Bernardus Prior 8 (please note band-aid to cover up where I cut my finger while choppin' meat for tacos last night)

And after having some beers and 2 medium orders of fries from Bel Frites (I know what you're thinking and those mediums were split with my mother -- I DID NOT EAT THEM BY MYSELF), I was coerced into having my picture taken

Proof that grandma was here this weekend

Phoebe looks at the camera (finally!)

And before leaving Bel Frites, Phoebe cozied up to the owner ...

Pretty good weekend all in all. Except -- as usual -- I totally didn't take nearly enough pictures. I gotta work on that.

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Candice Lynn said...

It has been two days since your last post; what is wrong?! Seriously, I feel like a mother whose kid is late for curfew.