Sunday, September 28, 2008

Why I Love Phoebe / You Will Not Want To Read This If You Are Related To Me

**this means you: Kyle and mom (Favorite Aunt Elaine -- you're distant enough of a blood relative that I think it's okay for you to read)

... well, okay, Kyle is probably really the only one who would be uncomfortable with this and he's heard worse so whatever. I'm not paying your therapy bills so proceed with caution.

So the other night Geoff and I decided to play "honeymoon", but without all the mai tais and spam musubi.

And I want you to know that this was the night before Phoebe started sleeping in her room and not in ours, right next to my side of the bed in her little co-sleeper.

And right at the moment we were thinking maybe about having another baby sometime in the future, she started crying.

And she NEVER cries.

She was probably having a nightmare or something (which happens sometimes -- we sometimes see her have these little frets in her sleep) ... because this was a full-on woke-from-a-dead-sleep cry.

So Geoff and I rolled our eyes and said "So much for that", and picked her up to comfort her. She was still pretty upset so I looked at her and said:

"Okay, so you won't have a little brother or sister."

I am not making this up: She immediately stopped crying and smiled.

The very next night she was sleeping in her room, in her crib.


Kyle Johnson said...

I haven't read anything...but I hate you because I want to...

Meghan said...

It's not that bad, actually.

Annie said...

OK, that is hilarious!