Thursday, October 2, 2008

... And I Was Returning a $15 Shirt

So after what went down at Old Navy last time, I was wary of going in again, but I had to return a shirt I bought while suffering some manner of traumatic stress disorder because -- for some reason -- I bought a button-up shirt without trying it on.

Um, yeah. That's not going to happen with these baby-feeders.

And it was $15 so I was taking it back with the knowledge that I'd be purchasing a pair of jeans for $10 (only if they were on sale for $25 like they are on the website).

The jeans were on sale and I braved the dressing room to MAKE SURE they fit and I even tried on a pair one size smaller than I am now.

I also think that if you regularly read this blog, you will know that if those jeans had fit I wouldn't be sitting at my laptop right now, I'd be out parading around town in my new size "almost there with the one-digit" jeans.

Instead, I'm sitting here eating beef jerky and thinking about having ice cream for dinner.

What? It's lowfat.

I also bought a shirt for $10, but only because I'm hoping I'm still in "transitional" sizes and I need things to wear until I fit into my old clothes again. My optimism is all I have, people, so don't take it away from me.

I was pretty proud about how the new jeans fit and finding the shirt on sale all while Phoebe remained asleep and everyone was all "What a cute baby!" and what-not, so you can imagine my ... hmm ... what's the right word here ... oh yes, schadenfreude, when the lady in front of me was clearly frustrated by her screaming toddler, and I saw this diaper bag hanging from her $800 stroller.

... because a sleeping happy baby in public is worth a heckovalot more than all those fancy things, I will tell you right now. And you can't buy that for anything. Even if your wallet is going into a fancy diaper bag, and the child is in a stroller that cost more than my first car.


Candice Lynn said...

Na-sty. Petunia pickle MY bottom. I don't know what that means, but I do know she paid $315 too much for that.

Meghan said...

In my imagination, the kid got so upset he threw up all over it. The fabric does not look like it lends itself to being easily cleaned.