Friday, October 3, 2008

Are You Ready for This, Internet?

... because I don't think you are.

I just got a call from Sears and -- I'm not making this up -- the stove that was supposed to be delivered today was damaged.

I'm going to let that sink in.

And now total up the damages:

Sears just lost $2000 (approximately) in salable stoves (that were supposed to be sent to me today) because of damaging during shipping. How many other stoves and merchandise were damaged by Sears delivery people this week? Someone needs to start paying attention.

I'd be a lot more angry if I wasn't awestruck by ineptitude.

Granted, the "original" date of delivery for the "original" stove I wanted was this Monday. So the only real disappointment comes from us expecting a new stove today.

I don't even know where to send my complaint letter anymore. Local Sears didn't ship it. (And as I type this, my mother has googled and found out the name of the Sears Chairman: Edward S. Lampert and I really really hope he self-googles and finds himself here on this blog because ALL OF HIS EMPLOYEES -except Lindsay- ARE TOTAL SHIT!)

But the local store people were also the ones who would not just give us a stove that cost $400 more than the one I wanted (even though it didn't have all the features I wanted, it had some "fancy" features and it was a Kenmore "Elite") because of the too great cost difference.

And I was charged $15 extra for the "hassle" of having to deliver the stove 15 miles away from San Luis Obispo.

And here we are -- Sears out $2000 in stove merchandise, and me still with the beige monster COVERED in unidentifiable food stains because I knew we were getting a new stove and I was NOT about to be all attention to detail about cleaning it.

So I'm going to just let all of this sink in for now, and it's very possible I'm going to call my lawyer stepdad and tell him the issue and see what kind of "sorting out" he can do.

I swear to you this is God's punishment for hating my neighbors so much. God is smiting me. I just know it.


Katie DiSimone said...

are you f-ing kidding me?! my jaw is scraping the ground in disbelief

Annie said...

WTF!!!??? Time to go to Idler's!