Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Crossing Caffeine Off My List

All in all, I've been very lucky when it comes to foods I eat and breastfeeding. So far, Phoebe has been pretty good with just about every "questionable" food: broccoli (just not the first time, but every time thereafter), onions, garlic, chocolate, spicy foods, and dairy.

I learned today that she cannot handle caffeine, as I put just a LITTLE bit of regular into my decaf coffee and she was awake all day long.

All day.

No naps.

And you can imagine how happy that made her around 7:30 tonight.

She's finally in bed and crying herself to sleep (she wants to be here watching tv with Geoff and I) and I'm about to go do the same.

Just having a glass of wine and then bedtime.

Some days you wish it could come earlier than others.

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