Friday, October 3, 2008


Tomorrow is the big day of the ol' neighborhood yard sale. And I hate to admit this, but after talking about it with Geoff, we --grudgingly-- decided last week that we would participate so we could get rid of a bunch of our crap.

This was mostly prompted by my recent discovery of Etsy and my desire to spend every last dime we have totally going crazy decorating Phoebe's room.

So we were decided. We were resigned. We were not happy about spending the day outdoors with the smokers, but we figured we might make a couple hundred bucks (and I could FINALLY get rid of the hideous glass-and-metal library and side tables Geoff's uncle gave him forever ago).

And this morning when we saw the news, we saw that it's supposed to rain tomorrow.

Of course it is.

And, we are planning on going out of town in 2 weeks and I'm just going to go ahead and predict when the "continued" date for the yard sale will be.

The good news is I can go to Farmer's Market in Templeton on Saturday and get all the goods for my soup and sauce to be made on the New Stove, but the bad news is all my items marked "favorite" on Etsy will just have to sit there a little bit longer.

Plus -- and this is the worst part -- I won't be able to spend all day shooting dirty looks at my neighbors.

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