Wednesday, October 29, 2008

E Per Te

When I was in college I was an exchange student at Karlstads Universitet in Karlstad, Sweden. I was there from 1998 - 1999, which means it's been 10 years since I started there and I can't believe it.

While there, I befriended the Italian delegation. We bonded over food, wine, and Sambuca. Fiammetta and I, in particular, became really good friends. I stayed with her after our school year finished at her amazing condo (her parents' house) in Rome. She stayed with me in California back in 2000 and then I visited her again in Rome in 2005.

Our visit in 2005 was amazing. We went to a beautiful wedding and stayed in her parents' beach house and just spent time together. No, no museums, no tourist spots. Just farmer's markets and cooking and hanging out with her friends. And listening to a LOT of arguments in Italian about whether or not it's okay to make a pasta sauce with onion and basil (and not garlic and basil).

And anyway back then there was a song on the radio called "E Per Te" by a very popular Italian artist called Jovanotti. And I loved how it sounded so I asked Fiammetta to tell me what the song meant and she told me he wrote it for his baby daughter and the song translates to "It's for you".

The song goes on and on with different things, like "the pink ribbons in the nursery" and "the schoolbell" and "the sweetness of an apple" and everything. And I had forgotten about it for awhile and just remembered the song today.

The chorus is "It's for you everything that is". So, basically, "everything is for you".

So here's the Youtube video, which I love and shows pictures of what he's talking about in the song.

It's just so sweet I had to share.

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