Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So it's all been resolved.

I'm getting the better version of the stove I wanted (this one comes with convection which I know I will never ever use, but whatever) and we're not paying the difference. Well, we're paying $15 for an "out of area" delivery charge (which is ridiculous, but out of the local store's control apparently, but whatever).

We DO have to pay for installation of the range hood, but that's out of anyone's control. The best part of that is that we DON'T have to pay Sears. Our friend Jerry has a great handyman who will come install it for half what Sears would charge.

And it's all going to happen ... Friday.

... which is great because I will have all that time to scour my cookbooks for inspiration for what to make on Friday.


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Katie DiSimone said...

OMG, this whole stove saga just had me in stitches. It completely sounds just like my stories when I'm looking forward to something big. Isn't there always some Debbie Downer part to it all that just makes you want to scream at a customer service person?! Oh, and I just clicked on the link to the new stove, and guess that Sears told me? " is temporarily down for improvements" LOL!!!!