Saturday, October 25, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

Tonight I made Vietnamese Pho (sorry, too lazy to post the recipe, but uh if you want it just email me) and it turned out pretty good. And fueled by pho and camarones a la diabla from Chapala Market today, I decided to go crazy and clean our condo starting around 6 p.m. tonight.

This is because the other day I dug out my ol' Martha Stewart Homekeeping Handbook, which is the greatest novel of our generation. And I have to tell you something: I am a closet Monica Gellar.

I. Love. Monica.

Every time I clean my kitchen - every SINGLE time -- I always think of the time Monica described the restaurant kitchen where she was going to work and she said "It's not just Health Department clean, it's Monica clean!"

And I think "I want to make my inner Monica proud". And I sometimes come really close, but unfortunately I have been cursed with a short attention span so I usually stop short of breaking out the toothbrush and getting in the cracks (I save that for Kyle's toothbrush and my crack! :ba dum bum:), but I do have my moments.

So tonight I got INSPIRED. I cleaned the bathroom (including toilet, of course) and I washed our sheets, and even made the bed with hospital corners.

I'm also now drinking wine that came from a box.

And watching "Body of Evidence". Yes, the horrible movie starring Madonna as a bad actress version of herself. And Willem Dafoe as the character he always plays, which is: Mr. Creepy Guy.

And right now my washing machine is washing a coupla pillows.

And I'm excited because tomorrow I am going to go even more crazy cleaning the house. It's been waaaaaay too long. And I have fresh decaf coffee and a big ol' quart of cream.

I am also thinking I will be fueled by chocolate chip cookies tomorrow because I have a HANKERIN' to get all Monica up in here.

Look out, cobwebs. I'm gonna getcha.


Leanne Carter-Lewis said...

Brandon says I'm like Monica, too. Only not in the "clean" sense, but in the "OCD" sense. Like, I can't sleep if I know there is a mess in the kitchen or something is out of place. However, my apartment hasn't been cleaned in, oh, about 2 years and 4 months -- in other words, exactly when I started law school. We decided, at this point, it is just easier to move.

Poodle said...


My dresser is now TOTALLY ORGANIZED! Yes. I have 2 piles of clothes on my floor: Maternity clothes and "give away".

I'm taking a break now for breakfast and breastfeeding and then it's back to the salt mine.

Feels. So. Good.

Annie said...

mmm... Chapala! I had the other half of my burrito for lunch today. Sorry Mike swiped all your tortillas! lol!