Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

As much as I loathe my neighbors and am really tempted to put up one of those "I'm a child molester -- don't come here" pumpkins (you know, so nobody knocks) I guess I'm grateful we will have some trick or treaters to get rid of the Smarties we bought for the few kids who came by last year.

But Phoebe isn't old enough to Trick or Treat, so it's not like we're gonna be going door to door and getting candy.

She does, however, have a costume (from her Uncle Kyle)


Annie said...

That is adorable! Love the addition of props LOL!

Candice Lynn said...
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Candice Lynn said...

I had to remove the previous comment due to an annoying typo. She looks adorable and the banana really is a nice touch; you're like your own private Annie Leibowitz.

Leanne Carter-Lewis said...

This might, quite possibly, be the cutest thing ever.

Kyle rules.

Kyle Johnson said...

Holy shit I rule! I made your baby ten times more awesome...also, you doubled that awesomeness with the banana!