Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Just Died Inside

A lady from Sears just called to tell me that the stove was "too badly damaged" when they received it to deliver and install.

It gets worse.

Because the stove was on "closeout" she isn't sure she'll be able to find the same one (that, mind you, I spent days mulling over the features of before deciding it was "the one"). She said if she can find it, she is hoping it will be delivered to their store by Friday and they can then deliver and install it on Friday.

It gets worse.

The range hood, apparently, needs to be installed by someone separate from Sears and not by the Sears delivery people. So God only knows when that'll be installed. Apparently there's a "miscommunication" that happens with internet orders. Particularly unnerving since we paid the $109.99 "delivery and installation" charge already and now have to go back and make sure we were, in fact, credited for it since they won't be delivering or installing the hood.

It gets worse.

I spent all morning (well, okay, 10 minutes) clearing the pathway to the stove area (measuring to make sure it'd fit through the front door and not the garage) and emptying the cupboard above the hood and taking my pizza stone and everything out of the oven to have it READY for them.

And now ... nothing.

I don't even know what to say. So now I am waiting to hear from SearsLady so I know whether I'll be getting the stove I wanted (if it's still available) or whether I'm going to have to be an a-hole and demand a BETTER stove than the one we paid --and waited patiently-- for because someone in shipping broke the one we wanted.

I am going to need a very large glass of red wine to absorb all of this.


Candice Lynn said...

Sucky McSuck. You'd think that with the lack of business that companies are suffering, their service would be impeccable; but apparently when your truck drivers are hopped up on meth to make it through the night, damage occurs to the goods. Love the caption on the wedding photo in the previous post.

Annie said...

Oh NO!!!! I am speechless...