Friday, October 17, 2008

Imitation and Flattery

So yesterday I came across this blog and I decided "Hey, I like this blog -- she's a baby-wearer, a home birther, a Christian ... I could get some good info from her about wearing Phoebe and what-not" so I added her blog to the list of blogs I am following.

When you do that (if you don't already know), the blogger gets a notification about who is now following the blog and the instinct (um, of course) is to click that person's profile and find their blog to see what that person is all about.

I'm just going to guess it was not a coincidence that the day after I started following this blog, she posted this.

Wow. What. An. Original. Idea.

Especially from someone who is obviously paid for blogging while I am givin' it away free.

Internet, what are your thoughts?

I'm not sure if I should be flattered or annoyed that -- at minimum -- I did not get a shout-out. On the other hand, it's not like I invented the phrase. It's just a funny ... um ... coincidence?

Right now I'm smiling, but in a pursed lip sort of way. It's funny. Yes, I'm flattered. And maybe I'm taking credit for this prematurely. Maybe it was just a coincidence.

Nobody likes wearing the same dress to the prom. Especially if you showed up first.

But --if I do say so myself-- it does feel really good when that dress looks a lot better on you.


Annie said...

Ugh, annoying! The "dress" looks so much better on you :)

Poodle said...

I mean, at least you gave me a shout-out with the "Why I Love Mike" feature! And I know I didn't write the original poem, but c'mon.

hehe thanks :D

PS Lacey = best hairdresser ever. Seriously my hair looks great AGAIN!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I am sorry if you felt I wasn't giving you proper credit- I didn't get a notification that you were following me- I do via Twitter but not with Blogger. And if it counts, I scheduled that post a few days before (as I was linking to my 5 Minutes For Parenting post that is written ahead of time.) I have also posted that poem in previous years on my blog.

This was my first visit here as I clicked over from my sitemeter that you posted this post linking to me. And I do think you have a sweet blog. I hope I can have a second chance rather than a negative assumption.


Poodle said...

*embarrassed* I'm sorry ... I was fired up after no sleep ...