Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Job Well Done

So we participated in the yard sale today. And I'm happy to report that there was NO LIMIT to the number of people who wanted to fondle our goods.


I wish I would have been charging by touch for some items ...

But after waking up at 6 (and starting Bailey's in our decaf coffees at 7:30 -- which, by the way, Geoff did not realize was decaf), I am happy to report that Geoff and I made $250 at the yard sale.

And our garage is SO CLEAN I can't believe it.

We got rid of:

-tv stand
-papasan chair
-2 wine picnic backpacks
-weight set (that we bought at a yard sale last year and never used)
-coffee table
-side table
-computer chair
-computer monitor

And several miscellaneous other items here and there. Let me tell you: it feels good.

We feel like we accomplished something today. I absolutely love to purge, so this is not a new feeling for me, but Geoff seems invigorated, too. He let go of a lot of things he wanted to hold onto (like his computer chair). And he let me hold onto a lot of things I didn't want to let go (like the super cool vintage dishes that were his parents way back when that I just found out about today).

And we got to hang out together, drinking Bailey's and then screwdrivers and then laughing at our neighbors, our customers and our crazy dog and sweet, gentle red-cheeked baby.

The baby was listed at $5, but nobody was buyin' ...

It was a great day.

Our neighbors across the way from us (aka "the good side" of the neighborhood) came over at the end of the day with some of his freshly-grilled HOMEMADE SAUSAGE. And I'm not sure if you know this, but I love sausage. And his are really really good -- natural casings and everything.

And -- did I mention -- $250!

And I get to buy paint to paint Phoebe's room (YAY!).

And I found my martini glasses I thought were lost forever.

And I found the recipe for "Bea's Casserole" that a long-time-ago ex-boyfriend's mother had given me and -- I am not kidding you -- I wanted that recipe so badly I ALMOST emailed him for it. As recently as yesterday. And we haven't talked in at least 4 years.

Yes, Bea's Casserole is that good.

And we found out that we can (still) spend the entire day not getting on each others' nerves and just laughing and being best friends. Even when it's early and cold and we moved furniture and picked through dusty boxes and one of us hadn't showered since Wednesday.

I am not saying which one.

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