Saturday, October 4, 2008

Manga Me

Okay, I'm sorry, but this is pretty much awesome (and the pocorn [sic] is for you, Kimi Wimi):

... from Face Your Manga


Anonymous said...

Oh I am so on it! It is 11 a.m. 30 holes in my ceiling so far and that is just one room. One room. I'm supposed to be working but drinking a rum and coke and making a Manga of myself or really all I can handle. Yes, I realize I'm drinking before noon, but just pretend it's a bloody mary.

Anonymous said...

Just so we're clear -- it's rum and Coke zero, right? :D

My new stove should be here between 12 and 3 ... I may break out the Bartles & Jaymes soon. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Oh hell yes... zero. Subliminal slip because I never think of regular anymore. Computer froze in the middle of Manga. Getting refill and will re-do. Eyes weren't right anyway. Yours is perfect! Also have strange craving for popcorn.