Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Stove New Stove New Stove

So today marks the arrival of the New Stove (and range hood) my stepdad bought us as an anniversary present. Our first idea for a present was for him to pay for our wedding again, but he said he'd only agree if our friends didn't spend all night at the bar and this picture pretty much sums up our reaction to that idea as well as his level of seriousness:

The stove we have now is the original one that came with the condo when it was built in the 80s. It's yellow and the brand is "magic chef" and it always bakes unevenly so I'm not even going to capitalize the brand name. The uneven baking drives me insane, and when I do brave a baking project, I'm always driven to drink to calm my nerves because I just KNOW it's going to RUIN ME! Just like it did the first time I made my INFAMOUSLY delicious ribs for Geoff the 2nd weekend I knew him (WAY overdone) and then severely underbaked a peach cobbler which Geoff decided to put under the broiler, causing it to CATCH FIRE (hello! sugar crumb top!) but his friends ate it anyway, and we later paid them back by letting them booze it up at our wedding.

It all works out.

The New Stove was ordered a few weeks ago and the anticipated arrival date was October 6th and Charles described precisely how I felt when he said "OH MY GOD, I'D HAVE TO BE SEDATED" in all caps.

I surprised myself by waiting patiently, and it's funny how having a 3 month old can make time fly right on by so that yesterday I couldn't believe it was almost time and was really excited about getting the stove Monday. Geoff and I even discussed what would be the last thing I'd make on the old stove.

That last thing was rice pilaf.

Sears called me last night to confirm delivery for TODAY between 12 and 3.

I have never been more excited in my entire life.

And I'm only sorta still wishing Phoebe would have decided to come a few days early instead of late, but we clearly did not order her from Sears.

So we will be replacing this:

and this:

... with a new 5-burner stainless steel Kenmore that was on sale and therefore no longer available for viewing on Sears' website, but whatever. I'm sure I'll be taking pictures this evening, while making cookies.

(Please ignore the mess that is our kitchen in the above pictures -- it actually gets used, you know?)

This Saturday it's supposed to rain, too, which means 2 things:

1. Vegetable beef soup


2. Big ol' pot o' meat sauce

Also anticipating some pancakes on the griddle for Sunday's breakfast and possibly some muffins for Saturday's breakfast.


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