Friday, October 3, 2008

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today, I found out I was pregnant.

I had made plans to go to lunch with my friend Jaimie who works with Geoff. We liked going to this place called the Lincoln Deli and they have -- I swear -- the best roast beef sandwiches ever.

They also have a large selection of beers.

And I enjoy having a beer at lunch.

But my monthly visitor was running on 4 days late, which never happens and I just wasn't feeling quite "right" and I just though I should take a pregnancy test because I didn't want to do any (further) damage if I was pregnant. I mean, we weren't exactly trying, but we weren't *not* trying, either. So pregnancy was well within the range of possibilities.

I left work around 10:30 and bought the most expensive pregnancy test available at CVS (making SURE to flash the wedding ring, mind you, even though at that point I hadn't even been married a month).

I also bought a large bottle of Pellegrino.

I went to the work bathroom and took the test, holding my left hand over the part where it'd say "NOT" in front of the part that would say "PREGNANT", just because I'm weird and obsessive and I wanted to have SOMEthing to do while I was sitting there on the toilet waiting the 30 seconds or whatever it was before I got the result.

And when I slowly moved away my left hand and saw nothing was there ... well, I was excited, nervous, in disbelief, and immediately had to get on the Internet.

But I kept the test. I put the cap back on and put it back in its little cover and everything so there wasn't, you know, potty all over the place.

And I found out the due date: 6/8/08. And I laughed because God is funny and if you add 9 months to our wedding date of 9/8/07, you would get 6/8/08.

I also still had the matter of going to lunch with one of my good friends who I was picking up and whose desk was down the hall from Geoff's.

And I knew I couldn't say anything because Geoff had to find out first.

Somehow I did it, and I didn't bring it up (although I did google "what can pregnant ladies eat, anyway?" beforehand) and I made sure to get extra sprouts and avocado and good stuff on my sandwich (little did I know that what Phoebe really wanted back then, as she did during my entire pregnancy, was American cheese).

And I went to Michael's for a watch box, put the pregnancy test (that still said "Pregnant") in the box, and wrote a note to Geoff: "To daddy, love mommy and me".

Next to the box, I put a mason jar with some baby's breath and a Baby Ruth candy bar, hoping he'd get the hint when I was able to tell him gently and slowly after he got home from work and had a cocktail. I got apple cider for myself, of course, mad that I couldn't have a martini while making crispy shrimp atop butternut squash risotto.

Except he got home early.

I was mid-shrimp peeling when he walked in the door and immediately saw the box and picked it up and said "Is this for me!?" and I was trying to wash the shrimp off my hands because you can't tell your husband you're pregnant with shrimp on your hands, and I said "Well ... yes ... " and he opened it before I could get to him and I think the shock took about a year off his life.

He said "Oh my god ..."

(and his face turned even more white than usual)

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure."

"I mean, these things can be wrong"

"Well, I'm 4 days late and I have been feeling weird, and they're 99% accurate"


"I know, I know you're in shock, I had all day to think about it, so let me make you a drink"


"I know -- it's unbelievable!"

"Hmm ... but you said your period was coming?"

"I know ... it was supposed to be coming, but apparently all those symptoms were not, in fact, my period coming."


There was a lot of "letting it sink in" for Geoff. He likes things very planned out and isn't all that keen on change.

But after a STIFF vodka tonic, and some shrimp and risotto, we got online and looked up and saw how big our baby was, and what organs and what-not were already developed and Geoff was all "Oh man, we're going to have a baby".

And she's sitting in the living room now, "singing" to her toys.


Stake Camp Directors said...

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