Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tomorrow's Menu

Right now I am in the process of microwaving sweetened condensed milk in order to create the dulce de leche necessary for the ice cream I'm making for Geoff's birthday tomorrow.

I really hope it works out.

Geoff asked that I not get him any gifts for his birthday and I know he was serious because the last 3 years he has told me exactly what he wanted for his birthday (LOST on DVD, "nothing" and World War II book).

I did not honor his request 2 years ago and get him "nothing", but I had to get him something because we weren't yet engaged and I wasn't about to go and risk my chances by not getting him anything.

This year, he only asked that I just make him a nice dinner. Which I do pretty much every night of the week anyway, so I'm hoping I don't forget to add salt or something and totally screw it up.

A year ago I was suffering through the worst nausea in the entire universe because I was like 7 weeks pregnant, and was barely able to hold it together long enough to make my husband a box cake. It was the 2nd time in my life I had ever made a cake from a box. And I was so ashamed of myself I wanted to tell everyone in the store "IF I DIDN'T FEEL LIKE BARFING, I'D NEVER BE BUYING THIS, I SWEAR!"

And Geoff knew I felt guilty about it.

And that is how he talked me into making him an apple pie for his birthday this year.

I do not like apple pie, or most anything that involves fruit for that matter. I appreciate that almost everyone in the world loves apple pie, and from what I gather my mom's apple pie is the best, but when I have a bite of it (as I did this past weekend) I just don't like it.

Call me un-American. Think what you will about me. I don't care. You can have your nasty apple pie. I'll take a huge slice of cheesecake with a side of chocolate cake, please.

So in addition to this pie, Geoff wants actual dinner. And I asked him what dinner he might want: gumbo (one of his favorites), shrimp cocktail, barbecue shrimp, what?

And this is what he told me:

Macaroni and cheese

And he wants this macaroni and cheese in the style I made it about a month ago when -- on a pure whim -- I made some from scratch just using some ingredients we happened to have around the house (kraft slices, sharp cheddar, large macaroni noodles). And I hope I can remember what I did that made that particular mac and cheese so desirable that he'd request it for a birthday dinner.

Over the weekend, Geoff had an epiphany about making an ice cream to go with the apple pie. We were all sitting around talking about how dulce de leche is the greatest thing on earth and Geoff had the idea to make pumpkin ice cream with a dulce de leche swirl.

And then last night I said "I wish there would be a way to put some crunchy gingerbread in it" and then Geoff said "Why not just put gingerbread cookie dough pieces in it?"

And at that moment I remembered why I gave birth to his child.

He took the day off work today to recover from his cold and distract Phoebe while I ate chips and salsa. Still can't figure out why that last 10 lbs is taking so long to lose. I hope he is feeling better tomorrow.

The dulce de leche is now done. And I think it's safe to say that microwaving dulce de leche might be the greatest invention ever. Sliced bread can bite me.

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Leanne Carter-Lewis said...

I also hate apple pie. Actually, I'm not fond of any fruit near my dessert -- there are only a few exceptions now that I think about it (anything with cherries and this one cobbler at Claim Jumper).

However, "pumkin de leche gingercookie dough ice cream" made my whole mouth fill with saliva. Tell me how it is!!!