Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Update On The Stove

So the SearsLady was absolutely awful.

Here's the thing, Obama, maybe there's a *reason* for so much unemployment: PEOPLE ARE INCOMPETENT IDIOTS!

She told me the stove I wanted was no longer available, and -- essentially -- that's what happens when you order a stove on "closeout". And I said "Actually, it was available and it's at your store right now, but it's damaged".

I told her I'd like some type of discount on a different stove now because of the inconvenience.

I was told that was not possible because it was an internet sale. I told her "Okay, then maybe I need to take it up with" and she said -- I am not making this up -- "Good luck trying to get a phone number."

SearsLady (who is named Connie, btw) doesn't understand that I used to work for Frank and yell at creditors all day long.

SearsLady might be one of Obama's unemployeds before the end of the day.

I also told her (after she tried to convince me to pay $300 more for a stove I didn't want, that didn't have the features I wanted) that perhaps I should just take the money back from them and go buy a stove from Home Depot or something.

She said: "That's fine, too".

So I went online (and by that I mean I opened a new window in Firefox because of course I was already online) and found's customer service number. I relayed my issue and was told "Oh no, you need to call and talk to a manager".

So I did.

And I got My New Best Friend Lindsay, who is the GM of the Sears in San Luis Obispo and I hope she googles "Lindsay, Sears, San Luis Obispo" and finds this post because she is amazing and deserves a raise.

Lindsay audibly gasped when I told her what Connie had told me.

And I told Lindsay "Look, if the one I wanted was only moderately damaged, like a scratch on the side where it'd be covered by the cabinets and it wouldn't negatively affect functionality, just give me a discount on it and let's call it a day."

Lindsay is currently looking into that, along with Jeremiah who is the Appliance Manager.

Here's the thing, Connie: Customer service is a soul-killing job. I have done various customer service jobs in my life and it absolutely sucks. But nobody makes you do it. And you can be nice to people -- don't put your stuff on me! It's not difficult! Just be nice! Treat people with dignity and try and be nice to them.

So we shall see what is offered by Lindsay and Jeremiah. I'm counting on you guys.

Here's to hoping ...

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