Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why I Love Geoff

While watching TV -- SNL (that we recorded Saturday) and World Series final we recorded earlier today:

Me: Why does Coldplay not just play "Yellow" because that's the only song anyone wants to hear from them.

Geoff: Because they wussed out and suck now.


Me: Apple. His daughter's name is Apple, Geoff. How many "Eat an apple a day" jokes do you think she'll hear in high school?

Geoff: Yeah, well I got a name for his band: Shit. Shit sandwich.


Me: How much you-know-what do you think that MVP is gonna get tonight?

Geoff: I think he's married

Me: Well, then, too bad for him ... guess he's not getting any

Geoff (laughing): Aww man, that's messed UP!

Me: Yeah, well, you'd get some ... if you were the MVP

Geoff: (frown)

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