Sunday, November 9, 2008

9 Things

It's the weekend and I'm spent, but I sincerely want to make my posts something more than just a picture of the baby (which is, let's face it, a cop-out for National Blog Posting Month).

In any event, because it's the 9th, I thought I'd post 9 things (and encourage every one of you who reads this blog and blogs to do the same -- post 9 things about you!) This was partly inspired by Annie's facebook "about me" that reads "I seriously suck at writing things like this about myself."

So do I. And I thought "That might make a nice blog post". You know: Challenging and uncomfortable for me, and (hopefully) interesting for you.

And -- here's the kicker to MAKE YOU DO IT -- you have to write as many entries as the date you write it. So you either do it SOON, or you gotta write more! I'm telling you -- I want EVERYONE WHO READS THIS and blogs to post. And comment here when you do so we can read about it!!!

(this was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be)

:deep breath:

Here goes nothin ...

1. I firmly believe the people who say you can put braids in your hair at night and wake up with perfect waves in the morning are absolutely lying.

2. My chocolate chip cookies are the best ever. I am not kidding you. They really are. Come over to my house and I'll make some for you. And I know you're sitting there and you're thinking "No, mine/my mom's are better". They aren't. I'm serious. I'll make some of mine for you and you will know I am right.

3. I once met every member of Counting Crows at the Wiltern Theater when I was 21 years old, and I was so incredibly star-struck (a feeling I did not anticipate) I was almost totally mute. I shook Adam Duritz's hand and thought he would go "I love you -- you're totally my soulmate and you're gorgeous!!". He did not. In fact, he looked perturbed. Another member of the band gave me "the eye" and said something like "Nice to meet you", but of course I have no idea who it was because -- let's be honest -- Adam Duritz is the only one who counts. I was also standing next to my then-boyfriend when this happened. And, oh my gosh, I realized that it was almost 10 years ago now.

4. "The Big Lebowski" is the only move I've seen twice in the theater. I laughed so hard during the scattering ashes scene I nearly peed my pants. Both times.

5. I really miss caffeinated coffee. When I went to Trader Joe's to find decaf after having Phoebe (the heartburn killed me so I couldn't even have decaf toward the end of my pregnancy) I saw that Trader Joe's no longer carried the Mexican Double Dark I love so much. I'm convinced it's because I haven't bought it in so long and demand went down. Do not underestimate my megalomania.

6. Childbirth isn't as bad you think and it's NOTHING AT ALL like what they portray on TV (and I'm including here "reality" shows on Discovery Channel and, of course, "Sex and the City"). I'm serious. Yes, it's the worst pain of your life. But not in a "bad" way. If that makes sense. And pushing a baby out feels exactly like taking a poop. I know it only sorta makes sense, but I'm serious. Exactly like pooping. And -- guess what -- having an epidural during the "pains" of contractions means you don't feel the sensation to push when it arrives. And the feeling of needing to push is so strong it's like having diarrhea and there's NO WAY you're going to be able to stop or take a break or anything. Yes. Exactly. The. Same. And you get the same feeling of relief afterward. And the bonus is you get to have a baby, too.

7. I have -- more often than I will ever know -- done interpretive dance (for an audience) to Barbara Streisand and Neil Diamond's duet of "You Don't Bring Me Flowers". More. Than. I'll. Ever. Know.

8. I got so addicted to buying Fire King (the flame-colored ones -- not jadite) and other vintage dishes from Ebay, I had to cancel my Ebay membership to stop myself from getting more. I love vintage kitchenware. It's just reasonably-priced enough to create storage problems. Thankfully I am also an anti-pack-rat and get rid of everything.

9. I auditioned for the Real World in 1999. Sarah P. (now W.) came with me up to the bay area and I got through to the "2nd round" and I met Piggy and everything and shook hands with Matt from Hawaii. Why did I get through? They sat us down at a table with a bowl of jelly beans and I knew I had to be "quirky" so I ate the black ones (I love black licorice, anise, fennel, ouzo, sambuca -- ALL of it) and they had us ask each other questions. This was the year I got back from Sweden (oh yeah, I spent a year in Sweden as an exchange student ... guess that'll be a post for another day when I have writer's block) and everyone knew that because I was wearing my (slightly too tight) shirt that read "I've crossed the Arctic Circle". So this girl asked me "What was your favorite experience overseas?" (I mean, come ON here, she was killing me with this) so I answered "Swimming naked in the Mediterranean" which was like saying I preferred one grain of sand over another when it comes down to it because all of it was awesome. And so then it was my turn and -- I still can't believe this (and this is proof how competitive and mean I can be) I turned to her after she gave me that softball question and said "How much do you weigh?"

At that point, Sarah looked at me and beamed and I knew I had gotten in. The girl told us 150 (after being -- naturally -- taken WAY aback) and that was the end if the interview. They asked me "backstage" so they could take a Polaroid of me and keep a record of it (they were videotaping the interviews) and gave me a 25(?) page questionnaire to fill out and told me to send in a video. As this was 1999 and nobody took videos, it was a rather complicated feat and I eventually had my brother take the video, which made it -- um -- slightly awkward. And I caved under pressure and was extremely boring.

But in the meantime, Matt called my house and reminded me to send in the video.

And my brother didn't get his phone number.

And that was as far as I got -- but I got a really awesome rejection letter from the Real World People and I still have it today.



Kyle Johnson said...

Adam Duritz is the only one who counts crows...

Kyle Johnson said...

or would it be: Adam Duritz is the only one who counts crows...

Annie said...

LOVE the Real World story! LOL! OK, I did it, 10 things...

Anonymous said...

is sarah p. the one with the blonde ponytail who skateboarded and stuff? if so, i met her at kennedy club fitness one day. she was babysitting lily in the child care area! talk about starstruck! i loved talking to her and she was so friendly! we had so much in common. i think she lived there in slo for a bit, because i ran into her again and she had even remembered us meeting and chatting. it's a small world.

Meghan said...

hehe sorry Robyn ... Sarah is from Bakersfield :( This was loooooong before I ever moved to SLO :P

Anonymous said...

my bad...i was thinking you had met with one of the castmates, sarah from the miami cast. there goes my speed reading precision...not so good these days. look her up-you'll see who i mean.

Candice Lynn said...

13. Maybe our friend Kyle can update his blog using your little game.