Monday, November 3, 2008

As It Turns Out, I Am One Of Those Moms

Today -- while I should have been napping -- I watched Dr. 90210. I got sucked in because two patients getting boob jobs on today's show are from Bakersfield and I wondered if I knew them (I don't).

What caught my attention most of all were the daughters of the two girls. The baby daughters were each 7 months old and both of them were wearing headbands.

You know, with the flowers and the bows and the ridiculousness.

And I felt a pang in my heart because I have been totally negligent in raising Phoebe because OH MY GOD SHE DOESN'T HAVE A HEADBAND!

And then I thought "Oooh I know, I'll go on the Internet and find the best headband ever for Phoebe!"

And then I Googled "baby girl headbands" and found a few I liked and thought "How can I explain to Geoff that we need to deplete our savings in order to furnish our 5 month old daughter's bald head with flair?"

See, when Phoebe was born, she looked exactly like Geoff. I mean, the nurses were laughing. Yes, they'd see Geoff for the first time (after having seen Phoebe in the NICU first) and they'd go "Ohhh you must be her dad".

I am not making this up.

Here is a photo to prove it:

So I was, you know, concerned that my baby girl would look like her dad forever. Granted, obviously I think Geoff is handsome (and I tell him all the time) but, uh, you know I was naturally just a little uneasy about having a handsome daughter.

And I think that all reached a peak when -- at the reception after Kim's mom's funeral -- a 6 year old girl looked at Phoebe and said "She has a big nose" and walked away.

I then resigned myself to having to homeschool because I wasn't about to put up with mean kids giving her the business about her German nose the rest of her life.

Thankfully she has grown into her face, but she still hasn't grown much hair.

So, obviously, clearly, I mean, come on people help me out here, I NEED HEADBANDS!

And this is all odd because we didn't even find out gender, and I love how Phoebe looks in a plain white onesie. She's just so sweet and little and wonderful that she doesn't need much adornment. I mean, you know, gilding the lily and what-not. But, headbands! They're SO FREAKING CUTE. And I hate myself for thinking that.

And I want you to know that I didn't even really like the color pink on her when she was first born. Her skin was so pretty (even the nurses commented on her pretty skin - not all splotchy and newborny) that pink took away from it.

But I am a closet pink lover. And I like wearing makeup and pretty shoes. I just don't often have occasion for either.

I just hope this headband desire is not the first step toward becoming that crazy fat mom pushing her daughter into doing pageants.

God help me.


Stephanie Precourt said...

I totally JUST watched that show, too. That headband of the little girl in the pool was darling, I must admit!


Meghan said...

YES! Exactly! In the pool, even!

I added about 10 different ones to "favorites" on Etsy ... just trying to decide which one(s) to order ...

Anonymous said...

good luck keeping that headband on phoebe's cute little head! lily was called a boy for her first 2 years of life, until she grew her pretty little curls. i tried barrettes and headbands...she hated them. i remember when lily was 3 months old, i had her in a purple velvet easter dress at some restaurant, and some lil ole lady insisted "she" was a "he" and used her passive aggressive prowess to continue referring to lily as a cute little boy. come on, lady...a dress AND i distinctly remember having a headband on lily's head, too...phoebe is a beautiful little girl, headband, bow or nothing at all :) btw, i missed dr. 90210 last night....can't wait to watch it on dvr tonight!!!! one more thing, boob job at 7 months post-delivery? that's pretty stupid.

Meghan said...

I don't believe either of those women are breastfeeding.

But I agree. Ridiculous.

Phoebe likes wearing hats ... and I ordered her a headband from Etsy today so :crossing fingers:

Old people LOVE referring to Phoebe as "he". I don't get it. I always make sure she's wearing SOME article of PINK or PURPLE if we're in public, too.